My name is Alana Franklin and I am a Software Developer Apprentice at Microsoft through Apprenti. I was self taught before going through the training required by my apprenticeship (Code Fellows 201 + 301, TLG Learning Microsoft Apprentice Training). I’ve learned a lot, but there is always still more to learn! That’s why I have this blog; it’s a place for me to practice and reflect on what I have learned.

Before my transition into software development, I spent 5 years in a series of admin roles at Seattle tech startups before ending up as an Executive Assistant at Amazon. These jobs all exposed me to the life of a software developer, and taught me what it was like to work within an engineering team.

I also have experience as a musician; I play piano, guitar, and have a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me via email: alanafrankly@gmail.com